Our Therapists are trained in Swedish relaxation & Specialised [IT] Institute techniques. Each of our body treatments begin with an aromatic inhalation & percussion prelude. If you are a new client we ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Relaxing Back Massage

Re-Harmonising Body Massage

Enhance and intensify your massage experience by adding our spcialised and customised spa techniques

Aromatic Body Exfoliation

A warm exotic blend of ginger & nutmeg invigorate the body, whilst essential oils of bitter orange & madarin calm the mind. Polish, hydrate and soften all over.

Hot Stone Ceremony

Pure Spa Heaven

A unique hot stone massage to re-energise your entire body. A delicious mixture of shea butter & spices are used to melt away body tension. Stimulate the body, calm the mind & create an essence of peace.

SENSORIAL SPA Limited Edition, Seasonal Aromatics

Unique Sensorial escape with delicious fruit & floral extracts

Customised SPA Intense- Skin Specific

Soft Scrub

Aromatic Ritual: using cream, oil, wax

Soft Scrub & Aromatic Ritual

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