IPL Hair Reduction Ashburton

IPL Hair Reduction AshburtonIPL Hair Reduction Ashburton & Photo-Rejuvenation
We often get asked …. “I want permanent smooth silky skin, how do I get this?” well the answer is simple, IPL hair reduction is the answer.  Short pulses of light are passed down your hair follicle to kill the hair at the root – killing the hair forever.  We do need to let you know that IPL hair reduction needs to be done over a course of treatments because this burst will only kill the hair if it is in its growing phase of its life, multiple courses of treatments will aim to catch every growing cycle of every hair.  Initially this will lead to a patchy treatment area as different hairs are growing at different times.

The treatment does hurt only a little bit sort of like being flicked with a rubber band (only a small one) but this is the sensation you want as this means progress and as more hair is removed less hair is being treated the pain becomes will start to disappear – small pain for  big gain.  IPL will get most success from dark hair as light transmits better than through blond or grey hair.

IPL Photo-Rejuventation
This treatment is also known as Facial Rejuvenation, which is a non-surgical way of reducing skin pigmentation.  It not only treats skin imperfections but it also helps to improve the tone and texture of your skin.  Call R and R Skincare today to work with your skin problems – we want you to be happy with yous skin.

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  • For 24 hours before your treatment, you will need avoid suntanning or swimming.
  • For 3 weeks before your appointment please avoid other depilation techniques such waxing or electrolysis.
  • A few days before your treatment, you will need to shave or clipper the area to be treated (except if the area to be treated is on your face).
  • A slight swelling may happen within the the first few hours but this will go down.
  • For approximately 2 days after your treatment your skin will retain the IPL heat – avoid intense heat, sweating (like gym, workouts or suntanning), or friction (you are a smart person…) etc.
  • Avoid the sun for upto 24 hours after your treatment.
  • Use Aloe Vera Gel or Vitamin E Cream if your skin feels hot or irritated.
  • Use sunscreen if you have to go out into the sun.
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